Thursday, July 31, 2008


El evanjelio de Jesucristo me ha bendecido en una manera que uno no puede explicar con estas cosas pequeñas que llamamos palabras.
Yo testifico que realmente hay un Dios. El Padre de todo el mundo, que nos ama más que lo que podemos comprender en esta vida. Por este amor, Él nos ha dado a su hijo amado en la carne Jesus el Cristo, para salvarnos de nosotros mismos. Él es el Cristo, fue el Cristo, y será para siempre, a esta verdad eterna he dedicado mi vida.
Sé por los sentimientos que he sentido, que Dios ha llamado a otro profeta en nuestros días. Y que el senor empezó esta dipensación llamando al profeta José Smith. Testifico de estas con confianza y lo hago en el nombre del hijo Jescristo amen

I went ahead and translated Elder Mckibben's testimony through google translater and for the most part I think it makes sense. Anyways enjoy....

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed me in a way that one can not explain these things we call small words. I testified that really there is a God. Father of the whole world that loves us more than we can understand in this life. For this love, he has given us his beloved son in the flesh Jesus Christ to save us from ourselves. He is the Christ, was the Christ, and will be forever, to this eternal truth I have devoted my life. I know from the feelings that I felt that God has called another prophet today. And that he began this dispensation by calling the prophet Joseph Smith. I witness these things with confidence and I do so in the name of his beloved son Jesus Christ amen

Letters Home

July 31, 2008

Ok so what’s new.....well right now we have a family of four, two and three, that we are teaching, and one other guy. I hope all goes well with this family. They have an 8 girl that I think could be baptized in a second she is so smart for her age. Well I like my position right now because I get to see and talk with the president more then just about anyone in the mission except the AP´s. President and I were going over his schedule the other day and I cannot believe how busy he is. Imagine this for example, he is always traveling, always talking on the phone while he is traveling, and reading papers while he is talking. So at the least he is triple tasking, he just needs a piece of gum and he could be quadruple (who knows how you spell that) tasking. hahaha. But really he does so much and never has a break. This week that is coming up he will be at a zone conference almost every day and about 10 hours of interviews everyday and that’s if every interview is only 15 minutes. What a guy I know. Think about how many people complain about church calling that require getting up early or taking time out of the week. Sometimes president doesn’t sleep at night. Anyways I am learning a lot, I just have to work really hard to keep on track because it is really easy to become a frito in the offices. Anyways I love you. Hey I am going to give you my testimony in Spanish so Megan can put it on this blog. Thanks and love you all a ton.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Addresses for Writing

Here are the addresses for Elder Mckibben:

Elder Mckibben's Adrress:

Mexico Guadalajara South Mission
Calle Aguamanna #3292
Colonia Reciencial Victoria
Zapopan, Jalisco 45089

The puch service address:

Elder Mckibben
Mexico Guadalajara South Mission
POB 3150
Salt Lake City, Ut 84138-0150

Note on the pouch service only post cards or single sheet letter folded twice, tape on end, write address on back this is so they can make sure it is only a letter, if you do it any other way it will be returned to you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Letters Home

July 24, 2007

Hey Family,

Well today is my p-day and no I have not received my box. I am still waiting and am a little worried that it not going to show up. I hope it does. I really want to start working out in the morning. Well ya, I am the secretary to the president. I take care of all the arrivals and departures for the missionaries. That includes visas, passports, and a bunch of paper work. I also change the changes or in other words I move all the missionaries around on the big board. I also do a lot of the affairs for the president like send him important e-mails and even check his e-mail sometimes. But the funnest thing of all is I get to call all the parents of the missionaries and the stake presidents so I get to have a lot of fun with that. My companion is Elder Clark. He is the financial secretary one of the hardest jobs. Or in other words one of the jobs that requires more work. One night we were up till three o clock in the morning. In the offices will still have rules but we can change a lot of them in accordance with needs. The president really trusts us a lot. We still go a and knock on doors but it is really hard to do it because we are so busy. I have 13 Americans leaving this month and 13 coming in so I have a ton of computer work. Its hard. But of all the missionaries I am one of the ones that talk with president most so I get to learn a lot of how he works.What else......well ya we get to go to the temple I am not sure if I told you in the last email that we went. It is a really neat temple. We also went to outback steak house with the president. SHHHWWEEEEETTTT¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡! That's cool everything is going well for Elder Simpson. I got a letter the other day from brother Layton. I feel bad because I never write back. I have not written a letter in almost 7 months, actually I have written a bunch but I never put them in the mail.Ok well give everyone my love. I love you guys and will see you in no time.

In reference to working out and a package Elder Mckibben has been waiting for his mom to send his boxing gear so him and his companion can "work out". My mom did send it the other day ($140 shipping) and it came back! Apparently my dad had sent Elder Mckibben some beef jerky. Well just for your information you cannot mail meat across the border to Mexico. Needless to say the package got returned to my mom. I don't think she will be spending any more money trying to send it down to Mexico. But if anyone is heading that way let us know haha.


Elder Mckibben entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on November 7, 2007. His first night there one of his roommates disappeared in the middle of the night. Apparently the Elder wasn't quite ready for his mission. How's that for reassurance? Elder Mckibben felt that he struggled with the language while in the MTC but now that he is in the field he is doing much better with his Spanish. Just a couple of weeks after Elder Mckibben got to Mexico he became very ill. Apparently he ate some food from one of the street vendors. Had he known it was actually a mission no no he wouldn't have touched the food. His eating food from a street vendor resulted in his hospitalization and an IV. He just got some sort of a stomach virus but he recovered in just a couple of days and will think twice next time before eating off the streets.

What it's about...

I have decided to start this web page so that friends and family across the lands can follow Elder Mckibben (Jesse) on his mission. I am not promising anything fancy. I also can't promise Elder Mckibben will write too much for me to post. I am lucky to get an email with 3 or 4 lines every couple of weeks. However I will do my best to help everyone keep posted on the missionary experiences and such. I would encourage all family and friends to feel free to leave your comments. We are also happy to pass along any comments to Elder Mckibben. We also encourage writing him all the letters you wish. Enjoy!