Monday, March 16, 2009

Some fun pictures!

The Garcìa family gets baptized....

March 16th, 2009
Hello Everyone,

Well I do not know why but I did not get any letters from Dad and Mom today so that means that you are going to get a really long letter. Ok so there are a lot of things that are going on right now. It is pretty crazy we now have a zone of 10 companionship's which makes us the second biggest zone in our mission. This last week we were able to travel to Guadalajara to go to the temple. It was awesome and a great experience, however by far the coolest experience should be this Saturday when the Garcìa family gets baptized. Actually the sad part is that not all of the family is going to get baptized right now. The Dad is going to have to wait a little bit longer because he has not been able to go to church very much. I am so happy and hope everything goes well for them. So what else is going on over there? Oh and you should ask Bro. Layton what that word was he told me when I was set apart as a full time missionary. I do not remember the word but he told me it was a Spanish word and that one day I would learn it on the mission but I do not remember what is was and I probably know it now. That is a real blessing. Learning another language. It is funny because even though I doubted the Lord still blessed me and I have been able to learn Spanish. Actually the other day I found a mna that speaks really good English so I started to speak to him in English and after messing up a couple times He started laughing and told me that I need to learn English better. Uh oh, that means that I got to learn another language after Spanish haha ENGLISH. no but Actually I think that I want to learn french or Italian afterwards.
Well I love you all a ton.
Elder McKibben

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Never enough time for the work

March 2nd. 2009

Hello Family,
Another week has come and gone. Well we have found some really good people and we had 7 go to church which is really good. This week we have a goal of 16 in the church which will be hard but I have faith that it will happen. We have been working really hard and I love it. It is funny how tired I get some times. Elder Rojas and I once were talking about how it is funny because we can always sleep. There is never a time when we can say "well I feel rested". Nope there is always this feeling of tiredness and I really can sleep in just about any place. Lol. Well one of the families that we are working for have una maca matrimonial. Or in English a Hamic for couples. They make them in a state here in Mexico and the truth is they are so comfortable. I am thinking I am going to buy one but they cost a pretty penny however its worth it because they make them super good. Hand made and all. So today was changes and they just added two more companionship's two the zone so now Morelia 1 has 9 companionship's. There were a lot of changes in the Zone but I am still here with Elder Jasso and I am really glad to be here. I feel like the Lord is blessing us a lot. This week we are hoping to have one baptism. So I have a bunch of little stories this week but I just share one. Well we were teaching and a lady came over and started cussing at me and then started cussing at my companion. But the funniest part was when she stared kicking him haha. What great experiences lol. So we are still really focused on the division of the stake. After this week we know if we are going to be a stake or no. Ok well we are working hard please keep praying so that we can have more success. By the way my Camar, well who knows. I am going to go get a cord today so we will see what happens. You know what I can really see how the Lord prepares us for future events. Being here and also being a Secretary Ihave a learned so many little things. Especially about the inner working of the church like programs MLS and how big of a difference it makes when you have one secretary in a ward that does not magnify his calling, well here I am juggling once again haha

Love you all.
Elder McKibben

The Lord's hand is in the work...

March 9th, 2009
Hola Family,

Well there are so many things to say and so little time. So I will get right to the point. We had a really great experience this last week and saw miracles. One of the families that we are teaching, the Garcìa family, are awesome. I can not even tell you what crazy spiritual experiences we had this last week with them. They all look really good and I just cant help but think about how the Lord guided us to them. The other day the Mom (Norma) told us that she was ready to leave her family before we came. She had had enough and could not handle the problems. Now she says when she has problems she jsut reads the Book of Mormon and finds answers. They all have fechas but we have to help the Dad a little bit more. Another family that we found that is part member is another story where we were lead to the right place at the right time. They told us just a few days ago that they really felt the need to talk to missionaries again and BAM. We arrived. God is over this work and anyone that says otherwise does not know the work. I love the Gospel and look forward to seeing alll of you in a short time. This week I wil be going to the Temple again. What a blessing. I Love you all and please keep praying for all these peope and I will kepp praying for all of you. And together all will be edified.

Elder Mckibben

Gotta love Chilis and the peoples...

Looks like a bunch of Elders on display at the zoo...
Eiher Elder Mckibben bit off more then he can

chew or he can't take the heat...both are very possible :)

Elder Mckibben being silly...nothing new here

Kristina's Babtism

Elder Mckibben, Elder Lewis and their sister they babtised, Kristina.

Elder Mckibben with Kristina