Monday, February 23, 2009

Real men don't use shaving cream...

February 16th, 2009

Hey Family,

How is everything going? I guess not to well for Kaleb but it does not seem that you are all too worried so I guess it is not really serious huh? Poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon. So I am writing so late because we just got back from Guadalajara. It just seems like I cant stay away from the office haha. No but this time it was a little bit different. I went for a conference with Elder C. Scott Grow. He came down and spoke to us. It was sweet and now I have seen and met everyone of the presidency of those over Mexico. Or the 70s. It was awesome and he shared some experiences so powerful and sweet. I liked it a lot. I guess I will also share a quick story with you all. Yo can post it on the blog if you want.

I went up to Guadalajara for this conference with Elder Grow and I forgot my Shaving cream. Well thanks to the fact that we have to shave every day on the mission I have now got a pretty fast growing 5 o clock shadow. Well the first day it was noticeable but the next day it was even worse. So I was in the conference and everybody was telling me that I needed to shave. I had my shaver but did not have any shaving cream. So then pres. Davidson told us all to come up and greet Elder Grow. I knew that I had to be very clever on how I did it because first you shake Sister Davidson`s hand then President`s and then Elder Grow`s. So I knew it would be hard to shake all three without one of them catching on. Well luckily for the McKibbens nothing is impossible. I made sure to keep really close to the other missionaries and just kept the bottom half of my face hid behind the shoulder of the AP. So ya that went well but I knew it was not over. I needed to fix the problem before the end of the conference. So I found some body that could lend me shaving cream and when we had our first Break I went to the bathroom when nobody was there and began to shave. Just when I thougth I had been saved when suddenly the door opened behind me. I turned around with my face covered with shaving cream to see Elder Grow and Pres. Davidson. In that precise moment I thought of only a few excuses. One was to pretend like I was dressing up like Santa or to say that I just forgot my shaving cream. I chose number two owed to the fact that it is still not near the Natividad. hahaha. Well they both laughed a little bit and said almost together. "That`s a good elder. Where glad you follow the rules." Then president told me that real men do not use shaving cream. haha I love the mission.

Love you all
Elder McKibben

Out of the office

January 20, 2009

Hey Guys,

Well I am now out of the offices and in Morelia which is in Michoacán. Its about 3 hour from Guadalajara. My new companion is Elder Rojas. It is pretty cool because we are in the same generation and he is from Canada. So far I do not really miss the offices but then again it is only the first day. I cant believe how fast the time is going by. I feel like a little bit pressured because I realize that the time is moving so fast. So the family we had is doing great however there was one little problem and that was that the mom Rosy smoked a little bit Friday night so she needed a little more time however the Assistants are now working with her ans I think she will be getting baptized the next Sunday. I love the family a lot and hope the best for them. However Cristina still got baptized Sunday so that was good. I think she will stay pretty firm in the church. You what it is interesting because although one should not think to much about leaving the mission I can already tell that I am going to miss it a lot. What else well the President has put a few more tasks over me and I feel really overwhelmed with the assignments that he has given me. It is kind of eating away at me inside. I just got to confide more in that the Lord will do his part if I do mine. So I did get you letters from everyone one however I still think that there are a lot of letters that are not making it to me but such is the life we live lol. So Morleia is pretty cool and it has got an excellent view from the top of our house. I really like it. Today I showed elder Rojas the work out that we can do every morning. Yeah it was tiring haha. So I am going to send you some more photos of the baptism and a bunch of really cool people. Well I love you all a lot and hope that everything goes really well.

With love,
Elder McKibben