Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letters Home

Well another week has gone by. I cant belive how fast time moves. I was super happy to get your box of {xmas}stuff. Thanks a lot and I loved the pictures and letters. It was great to read about all of my friends and what they are doing. What great missionaries. I can feel their testimonies so strong and especially when Elder Rau mentioned that God offers forgivness to all. I read a talk not too long ago that was pretty profound. It was about the Atonment (possibly the most profound of all things). It was talking about how every organism or in other words intelgence, no matter its size or age, has characteristics and is a really long talk but in shorter words it made me think a lot about that grand sacrifice. It talks about how when he died all the world and universe moaned for the death of its creator. It was really interesting. Anyways well Carman did not feel ready for her baptism quite yet so we are waiting another two weeks but she is pregressing great. As for chrismas well I am going to go over to the presidents for dinner. Now for the interesting stuff.....haha no not real interesting but something like that. Well I think at the end of the change ( six more weeks) I will be leaving the offices. President mentioned it to some other elders and I think that it is coming. After all I have been here for longer than just about any other secretary and feel that I have done a good job. However like always it will never be enough. Ok well I love you all and hope all goes well. Make sure to say high to everyone for me.

Elder Mckibben