Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Letters Home

Hello Family,

Well another week has almost gone by. Funny thing happened today. I received a list of all the Elder waiting in the MTC. And behold there was Sean haha. From knowing, what I know about are missionaries that are waiting I am guessing Sean could have another couple weeks in the Utah mission. But he will get to Peru sooner or later. What a great guy. Well I had a couple funny experiences this last week. First off I was walking and contacting and contacted this old man that was walking.I said buenas Tardes and he then yelled grabbed my hand and began to shake with great force then he hugged me and began to scream, buenas tardes ¿cómo está? after about 10 seconds of this I was a little shook up and tried to restart the conversation but when I said again, I am elder mck....and he screamed again and started the whole thing over again however this time I had learned his tactic. So when he began to scream and tried to hug me, I hugged back with all my strength and yelled too. At this point my companion was on the other side watching us thinking that we were crazy hahah. But it was funny because after this time I yelled ¡Again! but he had had enough and did not want to do it hahaha. My other story was that we were walking along the street and in this one yard I quite possibly looked upon one of the ugliest dogs on the planet. I am going to send it to you but be careful because I do not know if you want to see something so nasty. Ok, what else? So we are still working with the Garcia family and I hope everything goes through with them. It looks like they will not be being baptized this week but it is still possible, so we are going to fast and see. They are really cool. Such a great family. I am meaning to send a picture of them but I got to get around to it. I hope the Grows are doing ok. Sometimes the Lord really allows some tests of faith to come along.But we just have to keep the gloves on and keep the good fight. Hey speaking of the fight, I got my mitts for boxing. Thanks a lot. Everyone here is surprised how fast I hit. But I got to work on my power. Well I think that is about it from LAS OFICINAS. Oh also. Dad I do not know if you remember but in the church there is a program they use to do just about everything. When ever you were counting money there was always a program on the computer in the church I do not know what it is called in English, but in Spanish is called MLS and now we are using it a lot and I am becoming quite the expert with it. How about that.Anyways I love you all a ton.
Elder McKibben


~The Ugly Dog~ ~ Elder Torres~
~Elder Mckibben~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letters Home

Elder Mckibben wrote me (Megan) today so I thought I would go ahead and share some of his letter with everyone.


Hey Guys,

Well I got some really cool pictures for you today. And some good stories but I do not have a lot of time. One picture that I would send you but it turned out bad is a pictures of nest of a humming birds. They are so sweet. It is funny that you should mention that everyone is noticing that I don't write, because today I made the effort and wrote about five people, including brother Layton haha. Anyways I am glad you got a cool blog so that I do not have to write every single person however I think that people have had enough with me not writing back because now I never get letters hmmmm well...I will work on that. {this is a guilt trip for all your readers, i repeat big fat guilt trip :) }

Hey that is so cool that you threw out a bunch of movies. Those thing are worthless just about always. Better to grab a book, and yet even better...grab a book (maybe a blue one) and go preach the gospel with it.Ok well enough is enough. Right now I am in Guadalajara again and we are teaching a family of six. They are the Garcias. What a sweet family. We are also working hard in the offices. The other day I had to wait in a polacio (?) federal for two hours to register an American. 2 hours for one American and now we have a group of 13 Americans coming in. I do not even want to think about how much time I will spend in that place when I get to do there paper work hahaha just kidding.

Hey I wanted to send you a picture when I solved the Rubik's Cube. Sometimes in the offices my eyes get tired of looking at a monitor so I started using a Rubik's cube to focus on something else. It took days but finally I solved it and now I can do it in about 3 min.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Letters Home

August 7, 2008

Hey family,

Today was a good day. It was my first day that I went to Federal Polacio with some other elders to do some visa stuff. Everything is going pretty good. Actually I am very excited, because we have a family that has been progressing really good. I can't even explain how good I feel when I am around them. There are 6 in the family. The dad and mom are Fernando, and Marialena, and the kids are Cristian, Luis, Maria, and Fatima. Fatima is the yougest and is 8 years old. It was so cool because we were praying the other day and the father Fernando gave the last prayer and we all could feel the spirit so so strong. Please prayer for us. I love you all so much and will talk to you all in a week.

Love ya all Elder McKibblles and Bitts