Monday, January 19, 2009

Letter's Home

I just want to apologies that Elder Mckibben's letters haven't been being posted recently. I have just been a real blogy slacker. I promise to do better!


January 15, 2009

Hola Familia,

Well another week has gone by and I cant believe it. I feel so blessed. It looks like we are going to have a few baptisms this week. What a blessing. I do not know if I even ever told you all but when our replacements came in the president told us to move into another room and made elder Lewis and I companions. All of our investigators went over to the other missionaries and we had nothing. We then decided that we wanted to pull a miracle and find somebody and baptize them within three weeks. Well the first week we didn't do that but the second week we were blessed and now the week right before leaving we should be baptizing them. Her name is Rosy and she has a wonderful family. Right now she is in the process of divorcement but we have met her husband and maybe one day he can take the step to. I have enclosed a pictures of there family. I also have a bunch of other pictures of members and other things. The other person that we are working with right now is Cristina. She is 13 years old and has a desire to learn. Her mom is a less active but is trying to get active again.Ok so the Monday I will leave to the field and be back out which means I will have p-day Monday and will be able to write you again if there is time. If not I just write you all in a couple of weeks. So I think time is just going by too fast. It is kind of scary. I hope all goes well with Jared and Krista. Oh and I also have a picture of how I want the name tag but you will have to change the name and makes the tags white.(please hurry)

Love you all.Elder McKibben.

Oh and I think either nobody is writing me or they are not getting here.

Letter's Home

Hello Family,

Well I am still in the office and I will be for another two weeks. Right now I am training a new secretary. His name is Elder Reichert and one of the pictures I am sending is of him and another one is of Elder Starliper, Me, and Elder Riechert (three generations of secretaries ejecutivos) so that is kind of cool. So it appears some miracles are about to happen. We have very little time but I think that we are going to see some baptisms before we leave. One is Cristina she has 13 years, and the other is Rosy that we just found last week. Well I really want the normal name tags for the shirt but if that is not posible well then the others are fine. I love you all.

Elder Mckibben

Letter's home

January 1, 2009

Hey Family,

Ok so this week somebody came in that will be taking my spot as the presidents secretary. His name is Elder Reichert. He is a really great missionary and will do a good job. As soon as I can train him I will get out of here and be back in the field. I have felt like I am not doing to good of a job as a missionary. I have not had many baptisms and with more time it is only harder to have faith. I also just do not feel like I feel the spirit as much as I should. But I know that I can change that. I choose the way I want to react to everything. So I will just have to get better and do everything I should. If that is my true desire the lord will confirm it and grant it to me.

I love you all a lot.
Elder McKibben

Letter's Home

December 22, 2008

Hello Family,

They told all of us to send our e-mails today because we are going to talk to all of you in a couple days. So everything is okay. It has been a little bit hard lately. There have been a lot of baptisms that have fallen through and also here in México everyone leaves town during Christmas so all of our investigators have left town and we are left. I think I only have about 4 weeks left in the offices. So if I want to have some success in these last weeks I really need some miracles. Good thing we believe in miracles huh. So right now everything is going pretty slow with work in the offices. I am just doing all the little things. This week I have to send letters to the parents of every missionary and that could take a little bit of time but that’s how it goes. I am thinking that I am going to miss the offices a lot. It is a mixed feeling because there are some things that I am not going to miss like some of the pressure but I am going to miss the hot showers everyday lol. But it is okay because I am ready to go back to full time mission work. I am really grateful for the experience I have had here in the office. It has taught me a lot. I know that you already sent me a Christmas present but I need one more thing haha. Actually I do not need it, but rather want it. I think that I already told you once that it would be sweet if some how you could get John Lewandoski to make a few name tags for the white shirt, or in other words not for the suit jacket but for the pocket of the white shirt. I would like a few different ones like gold and cool stuff but more than anything a couple that are white with black letters.


Well I do not know what else I can say. I hope you all have a really great Christmas. Oh and there is one funny story for the blog. So we had a Christmas fireside in the church this last week with the entire ward. Well we are in Mexico and that means pinatas (I have no idea how you spell that). So we had one and we let the blindfolded Elder loose with a broom stick handle. Well he did ok but could have done better. Ok so then the funny part. Next they gave it to a young kid but not to young. He began swinging very hard and soon had no idea where he was going and started smacking towards the crowd of people. Everyone was screaming at him but he just kept going. So you have to use you imagination. One kid blindfolded with a huge broom handles running around in a crowed of people screaming trying to hit what ever he can, with 4 missionaries trying to get close enough to jump him. hahaha.

Elder Mckibben

Picture Overload

Elder May and Elder Mckibben

Elder Padilla, Elder Mckibben and Elder Lewis

Elder Mckibben in silly wrestling mask

Elder Mckibben being stylish...

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