Saturday, August 15, 2009

Letters home !

I know I have been slacking when it comes to Jesse's blog. However there are times when Jesse write home and says "I don't have time to write now love you" and that is it! So forgive me if I don't post those emails. Here are his most recent emails however that have been a little more meaningful and informal! Enjoy!!!!
June 29th, 2009

Ok well I need to write in about 10 minutes or less so this is going to be really short but some cool stories to put on the Blog. Ok the Sunday the ward is going to divide. It was Insurgents and now coming to a house near you will be the Ward Acueducto. We are going to be in this ward. It will be really cool. So right now we have a few really good people we are teaching. The Castro family (Elena, Mago, Alejandro, and Gabby.) We also have Edgar, Rosario, and Marta. They are all really good. So now we have another two missionaries in our house. They were in another place but a drunk tried braking into their house with a knife, told them that he was going to kill them and later punched one of the Elders. So they had to leave that area. The President is still here and mentioned the other day that this crazy man that tried to kill them is racist. President said that he would send me there to take their place but that I look pretty white too. I told him that I could paint myself and ya everything would be fine. He got a good laugh out of that.
So one of our investigators named Roberto told us a really cool story of one time when he got into a fight with 20 guys and the beat him up and stuck his head in a barrel of water. It was funny because he said that they pulled him out of the water after a while and he was so beat up that he could not talk or move. Then he heard them say ¨I think we killed him¨ He then said that he thought ¨whooo I am dead¨ haha then they carried him a long ways and threw him into a big canal that they call here Black waters. You can imagine why. Then he woke up in the canal and some how was holding on to a few plants with his hands. It was crazy his story. Well it was cool to see pictures of all the youth or young women. It is crazy how much they have all changed.Well I love you all a lot.

August 3rd, 2009

Hello Family,

So another week has gone by and it was a lot harder then the other last few weeks. I was on divisions all week long and did not get to spend much time with my companion Elder Martinez. I was actually with an new Elder called Smith. It was a good experience but I am happy to be back with my comp. However once again we are going to do more divisions and I will be in another place for a week. Well I thought that I had told you this but by the letter I got from you all I suppose that I never mentioned it. Our new mission president had health problems and will not be coming for at least another week or two, so President Davidson is still here. I talked to him about what you wanted and he said that I can just get it off the inter net so I think that I will do that.Well I got a lot of pictures that I will send you later. Everything has been really crazy lately and I have never had time. It really is crazy how all the days just start passing by so fast. Still not sure about extending but who knows. I do not know how this is all going to work out with school. When would I be starting?? because it would be nice to do a one week trip down here to Mexico.hmmmm who knows. Well I love you all a lot.

August 10th, 2009

Hello family,

Well the mission has been really hard these last few weeks. I have been out of my area and doing divisions all week long. It has been really hard and I really needed to rest today. which I still have not done. It has been really hard lately because sometimes I just want every one to do things my way and obviously my way is not always the best or right way. So I have just been trying to get everything going well in the Zone here. I know that the Lord will help us out if we just put our part in. I am sure that you have heard about Morelia on news. It seems to be getting pretty bad here with the drug families. Well I do not really understand all of this with the school work and stuff but I am sure that it will all work out good. Something really good happened this week. Our converts got callings. wooohoooo about time. So we are working really hard this week so that we can have at least one more baptism here in Morelia before this change ends. Lets see what else is there.....well I think that I have said everything really note worthy. Ok so I love you all a lot and hope you can find work soon. Oh and one thing more. Some of the members just got back and told me that they went to Oregon and even to Bend. I cant believe that they did not let me know that they were going to go. ahhhhhh

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